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Affordable Dental Implants

Prices starting from $1,148*
(after $1,250 Medisave Claim)

*Inclusive of 9% GST


Attain a Brilliant Smile & Sparkling Set of Teeth at an Affordable Price

A great smile can take you far in your personal and professional life. An imperfect set of teeth and low esteem are often linked together, so why settle for less? If you’re looking for cost-efficient dental implants, you can count on us to deliver professional solutions that will effectively meet your needs. 
It’s never too late to attain a great set of pearly whites! 
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve one.

Dental Implant Options We Offer

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Benefits of Dental Implants

No cause for worry about compromising any of the natural teeth in your mouth for support (as opposed to a tooth-supported bridge or denture)


Implants help in retaining the denture in your mouth, providing various aesthetic, functional, and psychological advantages. They eliminate the need for

dental fixatives

Boost Denture Stability

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Implant-supported crowns and bridges are permanently fixed in your mouth, hence they needn’t be removed in ordinary situations

Permanently Fixed


Implant fixtures have a 98% success rate, and can last for a lifetime.

Near-Perfect Success Rate

Availability of Sedation and General Anaesthesia Options

There’s no cause for worry, as we can help you manage and overcome this via relaxation techniques, sedation, or general anaesthesia.

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A Lifetime of Reliable Oral Care

At all our clinics, you will receive a professional treatment that is reliable and efficient. Our dental implant and denture services are designed with your safety in mind.

Central Location

On-Site Lab

Proficient Dentists

No Hidden Fees

Why Choose Affordable Dental Implants?

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Same-day crown and dental implants service available

With support from MC Ceramics Lab, a local dental implants and crown provider

All our crowns are manufactured in Singapore

*Always check if your crowns are made in Singapore to ensure longevity of your dental implants.

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Wide range of dental implant options for any budget and need

4 options starting from an affordable price of $2,200*

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Get Your Affordable Dental Implants Today!

Pay $1,148* For Single Implant With Crown (After $1,250 Medisave Claim)

✔ Medisave claimable up to $1,250
✔ Includes dental consultation

✔ Includes OPG X-ray

✔ Includes crown

*Price stated is inclusive of 9% GST

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Singapore 218227

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