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Getting your dentures repaired

Dentures are susceptible to normal wear and tear just like natural teeth are. Likewise, the tissues around your jawline are constantly changing its shape which can cause your dentures to move out of position and lose their perfect fit. And other times, accidents can happen—a bump or an accident can cause damage to your dentures.


If your denture is damaged or broken, you need to get them repaired. Your denture needs to be in good condition to function properly and help you chew, speak, and smile with ease and confidence.


You may have fractured the denture base from dropping them. Over time, with a heavy bite or constantly grinding, the denture can crack. Even when it is fractured, the cracks can sometimes be unnoticeable. With a fracture, the base of the denture will lose its snugness to the mouth’s ridges and may not function as well as it should. 


In any of these circumstances, it is crucial to seek denture repair from your dentist. Our affiliated dentists have the training, expertise, and equipment to restore the condition and fit of your prosthetics. 


2 types of denture repairs 


Our practices facilitate two types of denture repairs: simple repairs and repairs with impressions.


1. Simple repairs


Simple repairs which mainly fix damaged bases can usually be done in a day. 


2. Repairs with impressions


Repairs with impressions are done when the denture has been severely damaged and the dentist needs to piece it back together. If they are unable to piece it together, an impression will need to be taken of the mouth to make a new set of dentures. These results will be sent to the lab to make the denture fit snugly.


These usually take 2 visits - one to take the impressions for the lab and second to check the fit of the dentures before it is ready to be used. 



Your dentist will evaluate your situation and provide the appropriate solution. The cost of each service is determined by the nature of the repair. It might also include a denture reline or adjustment to accommodate changes to your jaw, gums, and bone structure.


With an on-site lab which has skilled dentists, you do not have to worry when it comes to getting your dentures fixed. Affordable Dentures & Implants believes that everyone deserves a perfect smile. We strive to deliver customised service offering treatments best suited to you. With our patient-centric approach, your mouth is in the right hands. 


Arrange a denture repair appointment with us today!

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