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As we age, we lose teeth, and our dentures become our most trusted companions—allowing us to still enjoy the food we love most. Since dentures are usually worn throughout the day, the material used, its quality, and longevity, can have a significant impact on the quality of your everyday life.


Affordable Dentures allows you the flexibility to decide which factors matter to you most—whether it’s affordability, having high-quality teeth that are high in density and are wear-resistant, or needing to receive it in the shortest time possible. Affordable Dentures offers a wide range of choices that cater to your varied needs. 


Our dentists will walk you through the benefits of each model to find a fit that suits you best. 

Full Dentures

Cost & Convenience

Economy Dentures

Dentures can be costly, and having a set of affordable dentures is a priority for the majority. The Economy Dentures meet the basic comfort levels, allowing you to successfully carry out your daily activities as you normally would. An added plus is that you would also receive your dentures on the very same day you purchase it.

Cost, Convenience & Customisation

EconomyPlus Dentures

The EconomyPlus Denture is an affordable choice that allows for greater flexibility with choices of teeth quality, colour choice and appearance of gums—resulting in teeth that look more natural. You would receive a temporary model made of wax to try the fit. From here, adjustments can be made to create the perfect fit that maximises comfort.

Prime Dentures 

The Prime Denture places a particular emphasis on appearance. It looks very similar to natural teeth and is made in an extra-high density material that is wear and stain-resistant. It is also highly customised to give you a fit and look that is best suited to you.

Similar to EconomyPlus Dentures, you would receive a temporary model made of wax to try the fit. From here, adjustments can be made to create the perfect fit that maximises comfort.
After you have approved the look of your Premium and EconomyPlus Dentures, the lab will custom-make your denture in the permanent acrylic base material.

Highly Customised, Long-term Choice

UltimateFit Dentures

The UltimateFit Denture is an innovative denture made with patented high-pressure injection technology. It is built to be extremely durable, lightweight, and odour and stain-resistant. The unique technology closely mimics the architecture of your mouth, snugly fitting the contours of your mouth and dental arch. 


This choice will be particularly appealing to those who place a premium on aesthetics: it offers a wide range of colours of teeth, as well as a gum denture base that looks most natural.

Partial Dentures

Sometimes partial dentures may be more fitting to your needs compared to full dentures, as some of your natural teeth still remain. Partial dentures are customised such that gaps remain to accommodate these remaining teeth. 


Partial dentures consist of a few different components and can be made using a few different materials. The base, which moulds to your gums and act as the framework and onto which artificial teeth is placed, is made of acrylic or metal.


The fit of the partial dentures is critical as it evenly distributes the force of a bite, and affects simple, everyday activity like eating and talking.

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Pay $1,148* For Single Implant With Crown
(After $1,250 Medisave Claim)

✔ Medisave claimable up to $1,250
✔ Includes dental consultation

✔ Includes OPG X-ray

✔ Includes crown

*Price stated is inclusive of 9% GST

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