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Dental Implants

Making Implants Affordable

Benefit from Cost-Efficient Dental Solutions

If you’re reading this, a beautiful smile and healthy set of teeth is definitely important to you. However, dental implants can be a costly procedure, which can make them inaccessible for some. Hence, we strive to make dental implants affordable for our patients, simply because we want to see you smile!

Why are our Implants Affordable?

  • Since we carry out a lot of dental implant procedures, we have worked towards making the procedure more efficient and budget-friendly.

  • Our dentists and staff will help you save your valuable time and money by making the whole process quick and well organised. 

  • We understand that you want to have your dental implant procedure completed fast, with minimal distractions. Therefore, we try to ensure a seamless experience for all our patients.   

​A One-Stop Procedure


At all our clinics, you only need to make one appointment for your dental implant procedure, and we will make it as coherent as possible. In many cases, we ensure that you get your implant procedure completed in just a single appointment. Your time is important to us, and our doctors and staff make it a point to take care of you. Be it convenience, affordability, or effortless appointment-making services, you can rest assured that your dental needs will be addressed well. 

What is the Payment Procedure like?

Certain dental procedures, including dental implants, are claimable by Singaporeans and permanent residents of Singapore from their Medisave Account. If you are unable to use the funds in your Medisave account, you can use the Medisave savings of your immediate family members. Do note, however, that the maximum amount of Medisave savings that can be withdrawn is subject to the Medisave claim limit for each bill. 

If you have dental insurance, you can benefit from our direct billing service to your insurance provider. In case your dental insurance cover doesn’t pay for the account entirely, we will charge your credit card, based on the information provided to us earlier.

Save on Time and Money

If you’re looking for a one-stop dental clinic that provides you with cost-efficient, quick and efficient results, you can count on us. We honour your commitment to reliable dental care and make the treatment process as transparent as possible, to minimise issues such as hidden charges. You will know exactly how much you are required to pay before the treatment commences. The schedule and time required will also be clearly communicated so that you can have a comfortable and hassle-free appointment! 

Learn more about our affordable dental solutions by getting in touch with our staff

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Get Your Affordable Dental Implants Today!

Pay $1,148* For Single Implant With Crown
(After $1,250 Medisave Claim)

✔ Medisave claimable up to $1,250
✔ Includes dental consultation

✔ Includes OPG X-ray

✔ Includes crown

*Price stated is inclusive of 9% GST

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