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Fixing your Dental Reline Appointment


Relines Are Part of Your Oral Care


Dentures require adjustment from time to time. Over time, the natural contours of your mouth may not match with your dentures over time. In these instances, you can always visit us for denture repair services.


What is denture relining?


As the shape of your ridge change, your dentures may require relining. Relining aids to make up for the loss by resurfacing the area of the denture touching your gums to make it fit better. 


A denture reline prevents exerting additional pressure on the tissues of your mouth. If you do not get your dentures relined regularly, you may experience irritation and lumps around your mouth This can cause damage to your teeth as well as your denture.


Signs you need dental relining?


You may need dental relining if:

  • You may feel constant pinching or rubbing

  • Your teeth are extracted or are falling out

  • The denture has becomes loose to your mouth and gums

  • You have repaired your denture anytime



What types of reclines are there?


There are 3 different types of reclines - soft, hard and temporary.

1. Soft relines

The material used on a soft reline is flexible, giving the patient a lot of comfort. This is typically recommended if you’ve recently started wearing a denture or if you have more sensitive gums. 


Getting a soft reline is generally more affordable than a hard reline. However, more adjustments might be necessary. 


Given the material of the relines, they usually last about a year or two.


2. Hard Relines

Getting hard relines involves shaving off a thin layer of the denture to place a putty substance inside your mouth. After which, you will have to put on your dentures to make an impression. The denture is then sent off to a lab for construction.


Hard relines have been found to be very comfortable. Although they are more expensive than soft relines, they last for about 5 years which is much longer than the soft ones.



3. Temporary relines 

If you are experiencing sore gums from wearing dentures, you may need a temporary reline. Temporary relines are a replacement for you to wear while a new one is being constructed. You can also use them as practice dentures before you get a hard reline so that your mouth is prepared for hard reline. 


The material making temporary reline is medicated which It helps alleviate pain around the mouth along with antibiotics.




Relining is more affordable than getting a new denture altogether. 

Our dentists utilise a new impression to fix loose-fitting prosthetics. Usually, you can get your relines in a single visit. With our on-site lab, we are able to create a new impression for your dentures quickly.


If something feels loose in your mouth or you are feeling uncomfortable with your dentures, come down to Affordable Dentures & Implants. 


We deliver effective treatment and personalised care to all our patients as we are committed to patient-centric service. Our proficient dentists and lab technicians can be your heroes and it is our mission to ensure you feel confident with your smile once again. 


Arrange an appointment with us today!

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