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General Dentistry Services 

General Dentistry Services

While our signature services are dentures and dental implants, we also offer general dentistry services like routine scaling and polishing, periodontal maintenance, teeth whitening, fillings and root canals.

1. Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and polishing is a routine dental treatment that aids in removing unwanted deposits such as plaque and calculus (tartar) from tooth surfaces that have accumulated from daily meals. Since plaque and tartar are hardened deposits, they can only be removed using professional dental tools. 


Failing to do a regular session of scaling and polishing can result in gum diseases and cavities which require additional dental care. 


Scaling involves your teeth being inspected for decay and weak spots in the enamel. Plaque and tartar will be scraped from the surface of your teeth. We use a scalar device which vibrates and emits water. This will gently glide around your teeth and gum line to remove plaque. 


The next step is polishing where a gritty paste will be placed on a soft rubber cup that circles and polishes your teeth. This aids in removing slight stains that may have been caused by and leaving your teeth smooth and shiny. For any stubborn stains or discolourations that cannot be removed by polishing, airflow stain removal or teeth whitening may be recommended to target these. After the treatment, a protective coat of fluoride will be topped to end the process. 

2. Periodontal Maintenance (Gum Maintenance)

We offer deep cleaning to maintain the health of your gums. This is to prevent and cure periodontal diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. 


The process happens over 1-2 visits. Affected areas will first be deep cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler that removes plaque and tartar trapped deep under your gums. 


As gingivitis is the first stage, the cure for it is a little simpler. It comprises of an extended version of scaling and polishing. With the treatment for periodontitis, the steps for deep cleaning is more extensive. You will be required to undergo gum analysis. Since gum diseases deplete the state of healthy gums, you may need to undergo gum surgery (e.g. gum contouring, gum regeneration, bone grafting) to improve the appearance and condition of your gums and bone after your initial treatment.

3. Teeth Whitening

If you are a regular coffee, tea or red wine drinker, you may experience teeth discolouration and may need teeth whitening. We employ 2 methods to whiten teeth - chairside whitening and home-based whitening. 


Chairside whitening is done by your dentist, where a strong concentration of whitening gel is used on your teeth to achieve quick results. This method delivers results on short notice within a few sessions.


Home-based tooth whitening involves instructed self-placement of whitening gel into customised trays made specifically for your mouth, which can be placed over your teeth. The gels are of lower concentration (as compared to Chairside teeth whitening) which is why they take longer to show results.


Both methods can be used to get enhanced and sustainable results. Results differ per person depending on the extent of your teeth discolouration. 

Dental Implants

4. Fillings

Fillings are a dental solution if you are experiencing


  • Tooth decay

  • Chipped tooth

  • Broken tooth

  • Worn out teeth

  • Tooth abnormalities

  • Dysfunctional bite


A common reason for filling is due to tooth decay. You need to remove the decayed portion of your tooth to prevent it from causing any further damage requiring a root canal treatment or an extraction.


A filling is then placed into the remaining cavity to seal and protect your remaining tooth and restore its form, shape, and function. If your cavity is considerably large, your dentist may recommend having a crown or onlay is a superior treatment option. This works the same for a chipped and broken tooth. 


When it comes to worn out teeth, we can use tooth-coloured composite filling material to rebuild your lost tooth structure and protect the remaining teeth.


Specific tooth abnormalities, such as small teeth, can be restored or protected using dental fillings. 


Fillings can also be added to some of your teeth’s chewing surfaces to even and balance out your bite, thereby making it more harmonious and functional.

5. Root Canals

Lastly, we also offer root canal treatments which help soothe infected and inflamed tooth. A root canal treatment involves cleaning out an irreversibly infected pulp from your tooth and placing a filling in its place in your root canal(s) to prevent future pain and infection.


While attending general dental visits is necessary, It is crucial for you to maintain good oral hygiene post-dental visits. Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth will aid in keeping bacteria and plaque at bay. Schedule a dental appointment every 6 months for a regular check-up with us to preserve your teeth and gum at its best health. 

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