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Find Relief with Tooth Extractions

An extraction surgery is done when there is a need to remove a tooth from its tooth socket.


It is usually done when: 

  • You need to make room for dental implants or space for attaching permanent dentures.

  • A tooth has had extensive decay, gum disease or tooth structure is lost.

  • You are experiencing toothache and infection if a root canal treatment has not been done before.

  • You are looking for an early solution of wisdom teeth removal where they are extracted before the roots are even formed.


The presence of a tooth that has been worn down by excessive decay can spread the infection to surrounding healthy tissue—which worsens the pain and discomfort. This procedure prevents the spread of infection and relieves pain and discomfort.


A typical procedure involves loosening your tooth and then removing it from its tooth socket. In some severe cases, where your tooth is buried under your gum or has been very severely broken down by tooth decay, a minor surgical procedure may be required to remove your tooth altogether.


Your dentist will provide you with post-operative care tips after your extraction surgery. 


With us, appointments for extraction include an in-depth evaluation, where the dentist will take x-rays and images of your teeth. The dentist will determine if an extraction is necessary. 


The dentist will discuss your clinical needs, which includes current health conditions and the medications you are taking. We will talk about the circumstances that are affecting your treatment to ensure you are getting the right care for your situation.


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