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Before Your Visit


If you are looking to fix any dental issues you are facing, look no further. For your convenience, please make an appointment. If you have not made an appointment, fret not, we also accept walk-in patients depending on the availability of our dentists on that day. 


If you are interested in receiving same-day service on a walk-in basis, you will need to be prepared to be available for our dentist throughout the day depending on the number of appointments they are scheduled for on that day.

Extractions, repairs, and emergency night services may be provided without an appointment, and often with same-day service. Please take note that if you are diagnosed with certain health conditions and/or are taking certain medications, you may not be permitted to undergo some treatments. It is best to contact us and inform us beforehand to prevent disappointment. 

Patient History


Upon arrival, you will be asked for standard identification and essential medical and dental health information for registration. 

IMPORTANT: If you are taking prescribed medications, please bring a list of those medications with you. You will also need to indicate any over-the-counter medications you may be taking regularly. Feel free to call any of our clinics if you have any questions.

Impressions and Delivery for Dentures


Denture impressions for same-day service are taken in the morning and sent to the lab. The lab will fabricate your dentures immediately so that they will be ready for you that afternoon. If denture impressions are taken in the afternoon, they will not be delivered the same day.


If you experience any difficulties with your denture, please inform the staff so they can make recommendations about follow-up care. We're here to help!


Tooth Extractions & Other Dental Services


Extractions are usually performed in the late morning or early afternoon. Repairs and relines start in the morning and adjustments are typically scheduled for late morning. Check with our staff for more information about treatment times and policies.

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