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Denture Care


Caring for Your Dentures

In order to maximise the lifespan of your full or partial dentures, dedicated daily care is required. Handling your dentures carefully, maintaining good oral hygiene and a regular cleaning routine, and visiting your dentist often, are all necessary steps to successfully wearing dentures every day.

Handle it with care

The wireframes and artificial teeth can be fragile, so exerting too much force when putting it on, taking it off or cleaning, could cause the structures to weaken over time and break apart. When cleaning, always ensure it is done over a soft cloth, so if it slips out of your hands, it does not get damaged.

Keeping your dentures clean and soaking it daily

1. Clean dentures after each meal

It is extremely important to clean your dentures with a soft brush, a cleaning paste, and soapy water, after each meal. Food particles that are trapped under the denture can cause inflammation of the gums and sore spots. 

2. Brush your dentures daily

It is important to clean your dentures thoroughly, brushing it both on the inside and the outside to remove any plaque build-up over the day.

3. Soak dentures overnight

For dentures to stay in their best condition, they need to be kept moist at all times. If left out to dry, the acrylic becomes too dry and brittle, causing it to lose its shape and not fit properly. Place it in warm water and add a denture cleansing tablet to ensure odour-causing bacteria is removed. 

Dentures should also be removed for at least 6 hours daily, usually when going to bed at night, to give your gum tissues a rest - this would be the best time to leave it soaking.

4. Clean your mouth after dentures are removed

Brush your teeth, tongue, cheeks, and roof of your mouth. Use a brush with soft bristles.

5. Continue to visit your dentist regularly

Your dentures still need to be examined and cleaned by a dentist, and so regular dentist appointments are still necessary. The dentist also ensures your dentures continue to fit you well. If you feel the fit is not right—too loose, or is causing sores—schedule an appointment as soon as possible, so your dentist would be able to rectify the problem. 

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