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Implant Patient Experience







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Your First Consultation


At your first non-obligatory dental implant consultation, you will be taken care of by our team of specialists. We will discuss your individual concerns, while also taking into account your overall health, dental and financial circumstances. The treatment options that are right for you will be discussed with you by the specialist.

Complete Dental Assessment


Your health condition, plus the condition of your teeth and gums will be thoroughly assessed, and this includes taking some necessary X-Rays or scans, to determine suitable treatment options for your specific needs.

Personalised Treatment Plan


Our specialists will proceed to thoroughly explain your condition, as well as the advantages and risks of each of the various options personalised to your concerns. This is followed by an explanation of the complete procedure, after which a treatment plan is tailor-made for you. Thus, you can put all your worries to rest. 


The timing of placing your implant(s) after losing a tooth depends on your specific condition, and can be any of the following: 


  • Immediate

  • 1-4 months (early), or

  • Over 6 months (delayed)

Course of Treatment

  • Anaesthesia - Before placing your implant, the relevant sites will be completely numbed with a local anaesthetic. This is done so that you don’t feel any pain at all during the procedure; only some pressure or vibrations.

  • Implant fixture placement +/- extraction - If you need to have a dental implant placed immediately, the relevant tooth or teeth will need to be removed first. After this, your dentist will place a suitably-sized implant fixture into your jaw bone.

  • Supplementary procedures - You might require supplementary procedures (such as bone grafting, gum grafting or sinus lifting) to support and increase the likelihood of successful implant placement. Your dentist will discuss these with you during your planning stage. 

  • Integration - An implant fixture usually takes three to six months to fuse with your jaw bone. During this period, a temporary prosthesis may or may not be provided, depending on your specific situation. 

  • Final prosthesis - Once the implant fixture integration has been completed, the final implant prosthesis (crown, bridge, or denture) is constructed and fitted.

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