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Getting your Same-day Crown 


No time for multiple dental visits? AFFORDABLE DENTURES® can restore damaged teeth in one just visit with natural-looking crowns.


Our on-site technology and imaging allow us to create your custom crown in a single office visit. At Affordable Dentures & Implants (AD&I), we use Lithium Disilicate Crowns. 


  • Natural, Tooth-coloured crowns

  • Metal-free (fully ceramic)

  • Strong and Durable

  • Preserves more healthy tooth material

  • Long-lasting, natural results

  • Single-visit convenience

  • High-tech accuracy


Patients who desire a more aesthetic and natural-looking crown, and do not want any metal placed in their mouth can opt for lithium disilicate crowns.


Our CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) digital technology houses an in-built camera, computer and milling machine in just a single instrument. With the digital imaging, a picture of the damaged tooth is captured which eliminates the need of uncomfortable alginate impressions.


What is the process?


  1. The optical "impression" is displayed on the screen, where our dentist uses 3D technology to design and create your new crown.

  2. The dentist will then proceed to bond the crown to the surface of the old, damaged tooth.


The whole process takes about one hour. Post-operative care will be instructed to you by our dentist to maintain the health of your crown and overall oral hygiene. 

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