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New Denture Wearer Package


The New Denture Wearer Package allows you to attain dentures immediately after going through a tooth extraction through an affordably packaged plan.

How will this New Denture Wearer Package benefit me?

The New Denture Wearer Package comprises two components: the immediate dentures, and the permanent dentures. 


After a tooth extraction, it may take some time before your permanent dentures may be ready for you to start using. There is therefore a period where you would have to go with a missing tooth and a smile with a gap. If this sounds uncomfortable to you and makes you uneasy, the New Denture Wearer Package may be your solution. 


As soon as you undergo an extraction, you can arrange for a temporary denture, known as an Immediate Denture. The artificial tooth or teeth will save you from feeling embarrassed or ashamed about smiling or talking. 

Why am I not able to arrange for permanent dentures immediately after my extraction?

It also is not possible to arrange for your set of permanent dentures to be made right after the extraction as your gums are still going through the healing process. This typically takes at least six to nine months, sometimes longer. 

As your gum tissues heal, they undergo a change and may shrink in shape. Once the healing is complete, arrangements to make a set of the permanent dentures can be made.

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